Terrence was dragged kicking and screaming into his first yoga class.  However, he is forever thankful for the experience because it was in this class that he fell in love with the art of self-knowledge and began what would be a life altering departure from his life's plan.


Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Terrence received his B.S. from Lafayette College.  However, it was not long until he went back to academic life, this time to the University of Iowa, where he received his Master of Fine Arts in Performance.  Although seemingly opposite modalities of study, they are, in fact, both designed to teach how things function.  It is precisely this interest that propelled Terrence down the yogic path.


Since 2006, Terrence has managed two different yoga studios in New York, completed 10 different teacher trainings in areas varying from Forrest Yoga to MeditationTraining, and has led international retreats.  He has taught yoga and meditation for the last 14 years and hopes to continue teaching until he physically cannot.  He was previously the Area Managing Teacher of Pure Yoga before he decided to pursue a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  

Terrence's classes are open to ALL practitioners as he believes that yoga is for every body.  The classes feature music, humor, and challenging asana with the goal of allowing each person to achieve a greater understanding of him/herself, and consequently a greater understanding of the world.  He firmly believes the true practice of yoga is uniting the small boundary between humanity and divinity. Both can be interesting in and of themselves, but the true magic occurs where the two combine (on and off the mat).  


Terrence's work focuses on presenting the magical and mystical in a simple, approachable, and functional manner for day to day life.  Not even an open mind is required; after all, Terrence was dragged into his first class too.  Let the work speak for itself. 


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